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Why Jesus Came – In His Own Words from Gospel of Mark

Ask almost any child who has been to Sunday school, “Why did Jesus come to earth?” And the most likely response you will get is, “To die for our sins.” But what did Jesus really say about his coming and … Continue reading

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Video On How Biblical Prophecies About Jesus are Not as Clear as You Think They Are

How often have you read so called messianic prophecies from the Old testament, like Isaiah 7:14, “and the virgin will be with child,” and wondered, “these prophecies so clearly point to Jesus. How is it that Jews can’t see the … Continue reading

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The Jewish Meaning of the Title Son of God

To understand better who Matthew (the gospel writer) and those he wrote about thought of the person and nature of Jesus, we look to the terms and titles used for Jesus in the gospels. One title in particular that intrigues … Continue reading

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