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Every Knee Will Bow to Who?

Continuing the study about the name that is above every name, the name at which every knee shall bow…to do this topic justice the hymn Paul sites in Philippians 2:5-11 must be examined. As I said in the previous article … Continue reading

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Video On How Biblical Prophecies About Jesus are Not as Clear as You Think They Are

How often have you read so called messianic prophecies from the Old testament, like Isaiah 7:14, “and the virgin will be with child,” and wondered, “these prophecies so clearly point to Jesus. How is it that Jews can’t see the … Continue reading

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An Examination Of The Sabbath

Exploring the Sabbath from Old to New Testament Through Early Church History No Christian, therefore, should rest till he has satisfactorily discovered the mind of God in this matter. If the Christian Sabbath be of divine institution, it is doubtless … Continue reading

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