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Every Knee Will Bow to Who?

Continuing the study about the name that is above every name, the name at which every knee shall bow…to do this topic justice the hymn Paul sites in Philippians 2:5-11 must be examined. As I said in the previous article … Continue reading

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The Way of Salvation: What Does the Bible Really Say?

If you are a Christian, one of the most serious concerns you have for others (and maybe¬† even yourself sometimes) is “Are they saved?” When someone dies, one naturally wonders or asks discretely, whether so n’ so has really “accepted … Continue reading

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The Name Above Every Name – It May Not Be What You Think

The Name above every name, the name at which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess is Jesus, right? After all that’s what we sing about in many Christian songs and hymns. I heard a well known reformed theologian … Continue reading

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The Prophecies of Revelation: Completed or Future Events?

As I have noted before, concerning the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus, in the article End Times Scriptures , the book of Revelation make it pretty clear that the prophet is expecting the events he is writing about … Continue reading

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Why Jesus Came – In His Own Words from Gospel of Mark

Ask almost any child who has been to Sunday school, “Why did Jesus come to earth?” And the most likely response you will get is, “To die for our sins.” But what did Jesus really say about his coming and … Continue reading

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The Law: Freedom or Bondage? What Does God’s Word Really Say About The Topic

The law has gotten a bad rap from many Bible teachers. Many who teach that Jesus abolished the law when Jesus very clearly said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have … Continue reading

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Why I’m Embarrassed By The Movie God is Not Dead

My husband and I watched the trailer and on the recommendation of a few friends went to see the God is Not Dead movie that features the contemporary christian band The News Boys. First the positives. It was an emotionally … Continue reading

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John Calvin and Historical Revisionism

Recently I’ve been reading some articles about John Calvin (Nine Things You Should Know About Calvin and John Calvin’s Geneva Theocracy: A Study in Religious Tyranny). I have a fondness for Calvin, because his Institutes of Christian Religion were a … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Interpret the Bible Literally?

When we read the Bible how should we go about understanding what God is communicating to us? Are we to take it literally?¬† And if so, what exactly do we mean by the literal interpretation of the Bible? In understanding … Continue reading

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Video On How Biblical Prophecies About Jesus are Not as Clear as You Think They Are

How often have you read so called messianic prophecies from the Old testament, like Isaiah 7:14, “and the virgin will be with child,” and wondered, “these prophecies so clearly point to Jesus. How is it that Jews can’t see the … Continue reading

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