ChristianDiscipleship.com was originally launched in 2001. At the time, the plan for the site was to be a venue to express my passion for the word of God through writing topical monthly, online Bible studies, devotionals and articles for one purpose: building up the people of God. خدمه العملاء كونكر The Lord met me in so many ways in those years as I dug into His word and poured back out into Christian Discipleship what He was teaching me. We were so encouraged in these early years of web ministry, as we heard from lay people, pastors and ministry leaders all over the world. We truly began to see how the internet could be a powerful force used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the strengthening of His people. مواقع البث المباشر

In 13 years, YHVH has done a lot of work in our lives. One thing for sure, we have learned, when one digs deeply into the word, it will change you. العاب جولف When it changes you, you will be faced with hard choices to make – will you follow man or God? We humbly hope and pray whether you are an alumni of Christian Discipleship or you are a new visitor, that God would use this site to challenge you to dig deeper, ask the hard questions, search out the answers for yourself, and let the truth change you for His glory alone.

Jean and Alan

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