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Christian History Videos – The First 2000 Years

Eschatology, the study of end times theology, is all the rage amongst Christians. Frequently, Christians make mention of being “in the last days” or the “end times.”  Even Billy Graham has said in recent months, that the second coming of … Continue reading

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The Jewish Meaning of the Title Son of God

To understand better who Matthew (the gospel writer) and those he wrote about thought of the person and nature of Jesus, we look to the terms and titles used for Jesus in the gospels. One title in particular that intrigues … Continue reading

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Jewish History of Demon Possession

Matthew 8 recounts the story of Jesus encountering the men in the Gadarenes region who were demon possessed. They refer to Jesus as “son of God” and ask whether Jesus has, “come here to torture us before the appointed time.” … Continue reading

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